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Wheel Stops

Choose the best parking wheel stops on the market. These durable parking stops won’t crack or crumble like concrete stops. Resistant to extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light and precipitation, including ice, road salt and oils.
  • Wheel stops are made from 100% Recycled Rubber car and truck tires. We stay eco-friendly, you keep your parking lot safe.
  • Choose between reflective yellow strips or white strips. Blue wheel stops are also available to help clearly mark handicap parking.
  • Rubber stops save you money! Studies have shown that over a 10-year period, concrete wheel stops could cost six times more than recycled rubber models due to cracking/maintenance issues.
  • Parking lot paving experts prefer rubber over plastic stops when building new parking lots. Rubber conforms to uneven surfaces and doesn’t fade in the sun like plastic wheel stops.

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